ground impact in a sentence

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  1. The hard portion of the boost protective cover remained intact until ground impact.
  2. Both aircraft were destroyed by the collision and subsequent ground impact.
  3. It featured a bounding charge that was detonated by ground impact.
  4. The considerable amount of fuel ignited on ground impact, according to fire patterns.
  5. Ground impact occurred 1, 590 feet ( 480 m ) beyond the northeast tower.
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  7. The crowd fell silent and confused when the controller said, " Ground impact ."
  8. "If everything worked, he should have had warning of ground impact, " the official said.
  9. The wreckage also confirmed the landing gears in extended position at the time of ground impact.
  10. The Cessna was demolished by the collision and ground impact, and both occupants were fatally injured.
  11. Coroner Rick Amend listed ground impact as the official cause of death for the 10 men.
  12. Ground impact occurred beyond the east tower.
  13. The Tu-16K exploded after the ground impact, its fragments were scattered approximately 2000 m from the collision point.
  14. Others might donate money for a professor's chair at a prestigious university, but Mark and Jane wanted on-the-ground impact.
  15. The airplane's nose dropped down and it descended until ground impact and was destroyed during a post crash fire.
  16. On ground impact a sensor operated a charge that severed the chute risers allowing the drone to be recovered.
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