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  1. Ground Idle is often reached shortly after HPT unchoke.
  2. First Officer Vunpin have some experiences of delay on moving the power lever to Ground Idle during landing.
  3. In the particular example shown, a slam-acceleration from ground idle would cause a high-pressure compressor surge.
  4. "The Australasian " claimed that three policemen at the ground idled and allowed the rioters to attack the Englishmen.
  5. It dropped requirements for extended ground idle runs and requirements for repetitive inspections of the LPT stage 1 blades and case drain.
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  7. Interviews with First Officer Vunpin revealed that he have some experiences of delay on moving the power lever to Ground Idle during landing.
  8. The movement of power lever to ground idle will result to the propeller pitch angle changes to low pitch angle which produces significant drag.
  9. The power levers should have prevented to move from flight idle to ground idle during flight by the function of Electric Magnetic Lock Systems and Mechanical Power Lever Stop Slot.
  10. However, The copilot does not react and continues with the checklist, placing the ground idle stop in the OFF position, this being the last action of this checklist.
  11. With power lever lock on open position, the solenoid of the electric magnetic lock system disengage and allow the power lever moves to ground idle in flight whenever the mechanical power lever stop slots lifted.
  12. The captain, faced now with a sudden time pressure and all mechanical locks being removed, and with the hand pressure on the power levers, may have unintentionally moved the power levers further backwards, passing through the ground idle position, towards full reverse.
  13. On 10 November 2010, the European Aviation Safety Agency issued an Emergency Airworthiness Directive, ordering airlines using the Trent 900 engine to conduct frequent and stringent tests, including extended ground idle runs, Low Pressure Turbine ( LPT ) stage 1 blade and case drain inspections and HP / IP structure air buffer cavity and oil service tube inspections.

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