ground hugging in a sentence

  1. The 1022 upgrade allowed better target acquisition on low flying, ground hugging targets.
  2. A ground hugging plant, " Mirbelia rubiifolia " seldom reaches more than tall.
  3. The base of 222 Exhibition Street discreetly conceals a ground hugging 500 space car park hidden by a skin of shops.
  4. Porto charged forward from kickoff and took the lead in the 15th minute with a ground hugging shot from Brazilian striker Derlei.
  5. That's why the Los Amigos researchers are trying to find taller, straighter specimens among trees that generally are ground hugging and gnarled, Felker said.
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  7. Six minutes before the end of the game, Giorgos Karagounis made the final 2-2 with a ground hugging shot from the edge of the box.
  8. Panathinaikos charged forward from kickoff taking the lead in the 8th minute with a ground hugging, right-footed drive from outside the area by Nikos Lymberopoulos.
  9. Panathinaikos charged forward from the kickoff, taking the lead in the eighth minute with a ground hugging, right-footed drive from outside the area by Nikos Lymberopoulos.
  10. In one such attack in the 80th, Brazilian forward Giovanni fed substitute Giorgos Georgiadis on the right side of the box, but his ground hugging shot was blocked by Chalkias.
  11. A distinct defining feature of a Surtseyan eruption is the formation of a pyroclastic surge ( or " base surge " ), a ground hugging radial cloud that develops along with the eruption column.
  12. Their houses of the late 1960s onwards were often larger, and evolved into brown brick, skillion roofed compositions, more ground hugging, and more in tune with the'environmental'designs of their contemporaries.

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