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  1. Many of the above and below ground bunkers are still present.
  2. Plutonium, the deadly radioactive core in nuclear warheads, is warehoused at Pantex in above-ground bunkers.
  3. One can generally conceive of it being safer and easier to defend waste in some sort of just-below-ground bunker.
  4. The flak towers had also been designed with the idea of using the above-ground bunkers as a civilian shelter, with room for and a hospital ward inside.
  5. They were called " Hochbunker " ( literally, " high bunkers "; better translated as " above ground bunkers ", to distinguish them from the usual deep i . e . underground air raid shelters ) and those that functioned as anti-aircraft artillery platforms were also called Flak towers.
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  7. In 1947 the then largely uninhabited area was home to a Hermes Rocket test site, known as the Malta Test Station, an approximately site where rocket engines underwent stationary testing under the supervision of the General Electric Company . " The original facility included underground and above-ground bunkers, two gantries and a number of lab buildings.

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