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  1. Ground breaking for the new building was held on July 12, 2005.
  2. This comprehensive and ground breaking commission became known as The Garling Report.
  3. Within five years from ground breaking, the new church was debt free.
  4. The company celebrated a ground breaking ceremony in July of that year.
  5. December 1988 brought the ground breaking for the West Kentucky Outlet Mall.
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  7. January 1972 marked the ground breaking ceremony of Windsor s Main Library.
  8. Roy and his classmates attend the ground breaking and expose the truth.
  9. Some citizens protested against the State government at the ground breaking site.
  10. September 10, 1967 marked the ground breaking ceremonies for the new campus.
  11. The $ 1 billion project was approved, with ground breaking in 1950.
  12. Twenty acres were purchased in Farmington Township, with ground breaking in 1963.
  13. Porselynnkas was a ground breaking movement, especially in Afrikaans literature and drama.
  14. He really was pioneering and ground breaking in this entire field.
  15. Ground breaking for the new church took place in March 2001.
  16. Dedication and Ground Breaking Ceremonies were held on April 28, 1994.
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