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  1. SAD Ground Branch was placed in charge of the ground war.
  2. A three-mile ridge of high ground branches off north-east from the Fairfield horseshoe at Hart Crag.
  3. Design for indoor electrical systems for civil and industrial buildings, for 0.4 kV underground and above-ground branches.
  4. A ground branch officer will remain in the pilot officer rank for six months following commissioning, before an automatic promotion to flying officer.
  5. Its role is the training of General Duty Pilots ( GDP ), Aeronautical and Avionics Engineers and the initial training of other Ground Branch cadets.
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  7. In May 2007, Marine Major Douglas A . Zembiec was serving in SAD Ground Branch in Iraq when he was killed by small arms fire while leading a raid.
  8. There are four principal elements within SAD's Special Operations Group : the Air Branch, the Maritime Branch, the Ground Branch, and the Armor and Special Programs Branch.
  9. In the RAF, aircrew and engineer officers are commissioned directly into the rank of flying officer, while ground branches are commissioned as pilot officers for an initial period of six months.
  10. A graduate entrant who has an MEng but is joining a ground branch other than engineer will serve 3?years as a flying officer  the early promotion for MEng engineers is designed as a recruitment incentive.
  11. For Aircrew, Flight Lieutenant is reached 2.5 years after commissioning, BEng / MEng qualified engineers 2.5 and 1.5 years respectively, and for all ground branch officers, 3.5 years.
  12. Following recent reforms to the Royal Air Force's promotion system, wherein previously University graduates passed out of RAF Cranwell at a higher substantive rank than their non-graduate peers, pilot officer rank is now only applicable to ground branches.
  13. ODA 572 and a CIA Jawbreaker team ( small group of CIA SAD ground branch operators ) were dispatched to eastern Afghanistan where they recruited some 2, 500 to 3, 000 into the Afghan Militia Force to take part in the Battle of Tora Bora.
  14. Time served in the rank of flying officer varies depending on branch before automatic promotion to flight lieutenant; aircrew and BEng qualified officers will serve for a period of 2?years, MEng qualified engineers for 1?years, and all other ground branches for 3?years.
  15. Aside from aircrew, whose work typically does not require active leadership for units of airmen, ground branch officers can expect to operate units that can range in size from a few specialist non-commissioned personnel to 50 or more personnel for engineering or other manpower intensive roles.
  16. They would then " RV " ( link up with CIA SAD / SOG Ground Branch and DIA DCS with a small PSD of possible another one or two operators ) and begin setting up a Mission Support Site and commence their operations in the aforementioned AO ( Area of Operations ).
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