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  1. In addition, you may have marginal timing, or ground bounce, or both.
  2. As such, the ground bounces slightly as one walks upon it.
  3. As a whole, ground bounce is a major issue in nanometer range technologies in VLSI.
  4. This happens because the ground bounce puts the input of a V CC is pulled unnaturally low.
  5. This reduces power consumption and ground bounce.
  6. It's difficult to find ground bounce in a sentence.
  7. Ground bounce is one of the leading causes of " hung " or metastable gates in modern digital circuit design.
  8. After transferring the video to the hard drive, they can add music, superimpose credits or chop out the parts where they accidentally filmed the ground bouncing along beneath their feet.
  9. If the power supply and ground traces have significant impedance, the voltage drop across them may create noise voltage pulses that disturb other parts of the circuit ( ground bounce ).
  10. This reduces or eliminates phenomena such as ground bounce which are typically seen in terminated single-ended transmission lines where high and low logic levels consume different currents, or in non-terminated transmission lines where a current appears abruptly during switching.

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