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  1. The " friendly insects " include ladybeetles, bees, ground beetles, humming birds.
  2. This leads to greater survival and reproduction in the ground beetle population.
  3. Adult ground beetles emerge about three weeks after the eggs were hatched.
  4. Species of the Carabidae, including the genus Taridius, are predatory ground beetles.
  5. There are also insects like ground beetles and " Geotrupes stercorarius ".
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  7. The ground beetle, Calosoma frigidum also feeds on the caterpillars.
  8. "' Harpalinae "'is a huge subfamily of ground beetles that contains 20, 000 species.
  9. Some are, rare among ground beetles, omnivores or even herbivores.
  10. Other beneficials are assassin bugs, damsel bugs, ground beetles, hover flies and Trichogramma wasps.
  11. Unfortunately, ground beetles are not commercially available at this time.
  12. ""'Sericoda ceylonica " "'is a species of black coloured ground beetle from Platyninae subfamily.
  13. They are usually mid-sized and rather stout ground beetles.
  14. The darkling ground beetle is also on the move.
  15. Some " Leptinotarsa " species are parasitised by ground beetles of genus " Lebia ".
  16. The Harpalinae contain the most apomorphic ground beetles, displaying a wide range of forms and behaviors.
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