ground bed in a sentence

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  1. The Federal Government required that all cemeteries and burial grounds be moved.
  2. Since the earth is spinning, shouldn't the ground be moving underneath it.
  3. Should nonradioactive concrete and concrete structures below the ground be removed?
  4. Also, the Finnish Nature Conservation Society demanded that the dumping ground be closed.
  5. In September that year in Frongoch it was suggested that a patch of ground be cultivated.
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  7. Q : Can a funnel cloud that never touches the ground be classified as a tornado?
  8. Police said Thursday that they were reviewing whether fines for unruly behaviour at the ground be increased.
  9. In choosing the destination, let geography and finances be your guide, but let common ground be your goal.
  10. In the 1980s, planning permission was given for the ground be demolished, and the land used to build a shopping centre.
  11. This was acknowledged by the Attorney General, but he rejected demands that their written opinion with its grounds be made public.
  12. However, the invitees required that their home ground be a region without a team representing them in the first or second division.
  13. There have been suggestions that the term common ground be revised to better reflect how people actually come to understand each other.
  14. For others, it's more modern and streamlined _ snowy white, all-cotton, 300 thread-count sheets, which simply swathe a low-to-the-ground bed, lit softly and sexily, Hudson Hotel-style.
  15. Lo遙erg studied the battlefield from a hill north of P閞onne then toured units, reiterating the ruling that no ground be abandoned regardless of the tactical situation.
  16. "What will bring the process forward is that the necessary ground be laid _ that is that the Palestinian side fulfills its commitments, " he said Tuesday.
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