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  1. They also used ground beacons to direct gunship strikes against the attackers.
  2. Primarily, squitter is used to maintain a regular signal from the ground beacon.
  3. DORIS ( Doppler Orbitography and Radiopositioning Integrated by Satellite ) is a tracking system using a dense network of ground beacons.
  4. The 300 men of the ground beacon of the Rebecca / Eureka transponding radar system, and set out holophane marking lights.
  5. The technology makes use of the Doppler effect, whereby a shift in radiofrequency signals emitted by the ground beacons and received by the satellites is measured.
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  7. Under the PBN approach, technologies are able to evolve over time ( ground beacons become satellites become . . . ) without requiring the underlying aircraft operation to be recalculated.
  8. The VOR / LOC mode maintained the plane on a specific course, transmitted from a VOR ( VHF omnidirectional range, a type of short-range radio signal transmitted from ground beacons ) or Localizer ( LOC ) beacon selected by the pilot.

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