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  1. It could be the Russian Impressionistic equivalent of a Baroque ground bass.
  2. He was especially skilled in writing upon a ground bass.
  3. All the while, the mesmerizing ground bass continues.
  4. One of his specialties was giving his heroines " ground bass laments ".
  5. The ritornello theme has virtually become a free " ground bass " throughout.
  6. It's difficult to find ground basses in a sentence.
  7. So did " Air on a Ground Bass " ( 1929 ).
  8. Among Risher's favorite forms for such works are the ground bass and chaconne.
  9. The ground bass specifically is a melodic line or harmonic pattern repeated in the bass voice.
  10. The sixth variation is a waltz, and the seventh uses the theme as a ground bass.
  11. Tippett wanted to avoid the " Purcellian ground bass, which would make the finale a form of passacaglia.
  12. The rest of the orchestra is introduced over the subsequent repetitions of the ground bass, accumulating layers of harmony.
  13. This tetrachord, treated as a very short ground bass, is repeated again and again over the length of the composition.
  14. It is included in many classical music textbooks on account of its exemplary use of the passus duriusculus in the ground bass.
  15. The finale is a magnificent theme and variations on a ground bass, five measures in length, derived from the principal theme.
  16. A ground bass is a type of ostinato, which is a melodic figure repeated over and over again in the same voice.
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