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  1. It could be the Russian Impressionistic equivalent of a Baroque ground bass.
  2. So did " Air on a Ground Bass " ( 1929 ).
  3. The ritornello theme has virtually become a free " ground bass " throughout.
  4. Among Risher's favorite forms for such works are the ground bass and chaconne.
  5. One of his specialties was giving his heroines " ground bass laments ".
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  7. He was especially skilled in writing upon a ground bass.
  8. All the while, the mesmerizing ground bass continues.
  9. The ground bass specifically is a melodic line or harmonic pattern repeated in the bass voice.
  10. The sixth variation is a waltz, and the seventh uses the theme as a ground bass.
  11. Tippett wanted to avoid the " Purcellian ground bass, which would make the finale a form of passacaglia.
  12. The rest of the orchestra is introduced over the subsequent repetitions of the ground bass, accumulating layers of harmony.
  13. This tetrachord, treated as a very short ground bass, is repeated again and again over the length of the composition.
  14. The finale is a magnificent theme and variations on a ground bass, five measures in length, derived from the principal theme.
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  16. Angwin mutters in a far from inaudible ground bass, while piping an insincere obbligato, " Consider me at your disposal ."
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