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  1. All of the PAF's resources, including aircraft, avionics, weapons systems and ground based radars were involved.
  2. Guidance is similar to that of PAD : it has an inertial navigation system, midcourse updates from ground based radar and active radar homing in the terminal phase.
  3. Radar at 30, 000 feet looking down should spot it better than ground based radar, and jet fighters for the past several decades have flown much faster than these devices.
  4. OCAS uses a low power ground based radar to provide detection and tracking of an aircraft's proximity to an obstacle such as a power line crossing, telecom tower or wind turbines.
  5. By 1975, the unit had been given the responsibility for Pacific ( PACAF ) and European ( USAFE ) radars, making it the only ground based radar evaluation unit in the Department of Defense.
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  7. By flying terrain masking low-altitude nap-of-the-earth flight profiles the effective range, and therefore reaction time, of ground based radar was limited to at best the radar horizon.
  8. Ground based radar systems and airfield defense units will also be involved, while the army's First Brigade will play the role of enemy forces to launch attacks against the defenses of the Tindal air base.
  9. During the dy fighters would be directed with sufficient precision that they would be able to see their targets and during The night they would use their onboard AI radar to find the target after initial direction from the ground based radars.
  10. Do second rate air defenses like Libya rely on ground based radar, and have nothing comparable to Awacs to " look down " and detect the Tomahawk in tome to fire a ground to air or air to air missile at one?
  11. "Thunderbird 5 " is in a geosynchronous orbit, above the Pacific Ocean, and believed to be above Tracy Island . " Thunderbird 5 " is electronically cloaked to avoid detection from ground based radar or other spacecrafts sensor systems.
  12. OTH radars have recently been making a comeback, as the need for accurate long-range tracking becomes less important with the ending of the Cold War, and less-expensive ground based radars are once again being considered for roles such as maritime reconnaissance and drug enforcement.
  13. After a further reorganisation in 2003-4, the group became known as the Battle Management Group and controlled the Airborne Early Warning aircraft, ground based radar installations, maritime reconnaissance aircraft and the search and rescue helicopters in the UK . The group was based alongside Strike Command at RAF High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire.
  14. The trend of programmable electronic systems and datalinks is likely to continue with the possibility that ground based radar systems and processing systems will allow advanced training aircraft to function as if they truly had onboard radar systems, with the cockpit closely replicating the look and feel of an air forces more capable aircraft for maximum familiarity.
  15. Assets under command includes the Strategic and Tactical Air Transport aircraft ( including VIP / Communication ), the RAF Police, field squadrons of the RAF Regiment, and Air-to-Air Refuelling aircraft . As from 1 April 2006, with the disbandment of No . 3 Group RAF, it controls also the Airborne Early Warning aircraft, ground based radar installations, Maritime Reconnaissance aircraft and the Search & Rescue Force with Sea King helicopters at six UK coastal bases and Mountain Rescue Teams at four locations, RAF Kinloss, RAF Leuchars, RAF Leeming and RAF Valley.

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