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  1. Joakim Gronwall, the owners'legal representative, said Friday.
  2. Gronwall said a legal hearing in the case was scheduled for April.
  3. Gronwall said a hearing was scheduled for April.
  4. Gronwall said most tenants wanted Bergman out.
  5. Asked if they would sell it to Bergman, Gronwall said the director has at least two other homes.
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  7. Gr鰊wall is the Swedish spelling of his name, but he spelled his name as Gronwall in his scientific publications after emigrating to the United States.
  8. Irwin began his design career in 1962 in Sweden, for Gronwall-Hirsch, and worked for one year in London, England, for Hugh Casson, Conder & Partners.
  9. World famous or not, " there are young people who need this apartment more than Bergman does, " said Friday Joakim Gronwall, the house owners'legal representative.
  10. But, Gronwall told The Associated Press, " He does not need the apartment, and it is important that small apartments are put on the market so that young people and others can buy them ."
  11. R . P . Agarwal, Y .-H . Kim, and S . K . Sen, Multidimensional Gronwall-Bellman-type Integral Inequalities with Applications, Memoirs on Differential Equations and Mathematical Physics, 47, 2009, 19-122.
  12. It has been solved by the Swedish mathematician Thomas Hakon Gronwall and his collaborators physicical chemists V . K . La Mer and Karl Sandved in a 1928 paper from Physikalische Zeitschrift which deals with extensions to Debye-Huckel theory which resorted to Taylor series expansion.
  13. One example of a paper that demonstrates this is : In April 2009, authors J . J . Salzer, A . L . Williams and C . Gronwall published a paper in the Astrophysical Journal Letters titled " A Population of Metal-Poor Galaxies with ~ L * Luminosities at Intermediate Redshifts ".
  14. Combining Gronwall's area theorem for " f " with the Grunsky inequalities for the first 2 x 2 minor of the Grunsky matrix of " g " leads to a bound for | " a " 4 | in terms of a simple function of " a " 2 and a free complex parameter.

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