grocery stores in a sentence

"grocery stores" in Chinese  
  1. So the guy goes to the grocery store and tells the dairy
  2. You can even purchase blooming orchid plants at the grocery store.
  3. They can be found at many grocery stores and farmers markets.
  4. Garbisch was a former chairman of the Grocery Store Products Company.
  5. He was interviewed during an autograph session at a grocery store.
  6. It's difficult to find grocery stores in a sentence.
  7. Grocery stores start rationing food and ATMs refuse to dispense cash.
  8. Squeezit Life Savers fruit drinks are now available in grocery stores.
  9. They attend events from grocery store promotions to the Kentucky Derby.
  10. It is sold in the condiment section of Asian grocery stores.
  11. We used to meet in grocery store parking lots and talk.
  12. Basic Seven Up has grown volume every month in grocery stores.
  13. Another man tells about a grocery store with the lights out.
  14. Malanga can be found in some supermarkets and Latino grocery stores.
  15. Consumers go into grocery stores and they can still buy strawberries,
  16. Simply break off the amount you need at the grocery store.
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