grocery shopping in a sentence

"grocery shopping" in Chinese  
  1. And instead of grocery shopping once a month, they go every week.
  2. You can do your grocery shopping online and log off right away.
  3. Obviously, Parcells and Jones have a little grocery shopping ahead of them.
  4. Scenes outside showed Bill at his construction business and Pat grocery shopping.
  5. And make grocery shopping the last stop on your list of errands.
  6. It's difficult to find grocery shopping in a sentence.
  7. Why do so many people go grocery shopping at the last minute?
  8. She can go grocery shopping for two hours one day a week.
  9. Like many Web retailing concepts, online grocery shopping remains an unproven business.
  10. Maybe it's because hatchbacks became associated with grocery shopping and antiquing.
  11. Another experience for some of the Latin players is grocery shopping.
  12. The maid makes the dinner, and does the grocery shopping, too.
  13. Because she works at home, grocery shopping gives her a break.
  14. This system makes grocery shopping as easy as banking is today,
  15. They have come up with a gimmick to lure men into grocery shopping.
  16. Four Japanese inventors see computer kiosks as aids in grocery shopping.
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