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  1. The de Bara family lives in Greenfield, N . Y.
  2. Greenfield came to the United States from Austria as a boy.
  3. We are keeping our options open, even considering greenfield operations.
  4. Greenfield told the jury in Judge Raymond Dearie's courtroom.
  5. Dinosaur prints will be on display at the Greenfield Historical Society.
  6. It's difficult to find greenfield in a sentence.
  7. And Greenfield flies _ rented planes, planes borrowed from friends.
  8. Hana Lustigova Greenfield will never forget the Rosh Hashanah of 1945.
  9. Hana Lustigova Greenfield will never forget the Rosh Hashana of 1945.
  10. Greenfield was born in Seattle on Dec . 27, 1930.
  11. On Thursday, Greenfield was appreciated by friends in both Washingtons.
  12. Greenfield said she was glad that the suit was finally over.
  13. Greenfield directed me to his book " Oh, Waiter!
  14. Drive to Greenfield Village, a historical park honoring American invention.
  15. Greenfield Online, an initial public offering of 5 million shares.
  16. The deal reportedly would leave Greenfield out of the reorganized company.
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