green tea in a sentence

"green tea" meaning  "green tea" in Chinese  
  1. Sipping a cup of green tea, Torre looked as he always does.
  2. Green Tea : 120 chests on offer met with a strong demand.
  3. 2 teaspoons loose green tea or the tea from two green-tea bags
  4. This green tea is then rolled up into little pearls and dried.
  5. A minerally green tea ice cream followed, then a ginger caramel sauce.
  6. It's difficult to find green tea in a sentence.
  7. Time : about 1 hour 2 cups strongly brewed green tea, chilled
  8. Fresh green tea leaves are plucked and then set out to wither.
  9. Traffic police carry extra bottles of water or thermoses of green tea.
  10. Catechins in green tea in general were high and showed little variation.
  11. Borgora is among the three gardens in Assam which produce green tea.
  12. Garlic, onions and broccoli have sulfur, and green tea contains catechins.
  13. Or spending her days making miniature tortillas and green tea crepes by hand.
  14. Commercial production of green tea in South Korea began in 1970s.
  15. A cup of green tea ranges from 8 to 36 milligrams.
  16. A serious research project into green tea no longer seems so far out.
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