green school in a sentence

  1. The International School Brunei considers itself a'Green School '.
  2. The School shares Sixth Form provision with Brimsham Green School.
  3. Pupils from Birches Green School maintain their own plot on the site.
  4. John co-founded TEDGlobal about Green School in 2010.
  5. Around half of the pupils at George Green school come from ethnic minorities.
  6. It's difficult to find green school in a sentence.
  7. The college appears on most of the top " green school " lists.
  8. Confey College has a green schools community made up of students and teachers.
  9. Additionally, healthy food options are also a central aspect of green schools.
  10. TPMS is also recognized as a Maryland Green School.
  11. Walden III was Racine's first Green School.
  12. This school recently achieved'Green School Award '.
  13. The Paul Green School of Rock was later born.
  14. Children were educated at a school called Midori Gakuen ( Green School ).
  15. Green School now has four years of graduates attending universities around the world.
  16. Every school district should have a Green school.
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