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  1. Another throws Upper Devonian rocks against the Upper Proterozoic Green Schist Formation.
  2. Upper Devonian rocks of the Hajigak Formation are faulted against the Green Schist Formation.
  3. Among the remains exposed, include sandstone green schist ( dated from the 3rd century BC ).
  4. The deposition of younger Dalradian sediments continued until 590 Ma, where the sediments underwent transformation to the green schist facies during the Proterozoic and Ordovician.
  5. The Green Schist Formation, a distinctive unit overlying the Awband Formation, consists dominantly of green chlorite schists, and quartz-sericitic schists locally intruded by granodiorites.
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  7. The stone was a mixture of limestone, sandstone and green schists, which was used fairly randomly within the walls and towers; the use of schists ceased after the pause in the building work in 1298 and as a result is limited to the lower levels of the walls.
  8. This horse shoe shaped valley is surrounded by giant hills and there are several pathways to reach the villages located inside the valley . The rocks are mostly by the Archaean era which are nearly 2500 million years and comprised with Granite gneiss, green schists, basic rocks, quartz with Gondwana sediments including conglomerate sandstone, shales and carbonaceous shales . The unique composite carbon on the rocks called Shilajit is also found on few patches in upper zones.

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