green scarf in a sentence

"green scarf" in Chinese  
  1. He wears a green scarf and seems to have some skill in martial arts.
  2. She wears denim capri pants and tames her bouncy auburn hair with a green scarf.
  3. Her usual appearance consists of a purple dress, pink pantyhose, purple shoes, and a green scarf.
  4. And you don't want to miss Lee Marvin, dressed to kill in a black hat and green scarf.
  5. COLORFUL ACCESSORIES : A yellow tote bag, a red belt, a lime green scarf tied around your neck.
  6. It's difficult to find green scarf in a sentence.
  7. The woman was wearing a hat and a light green scarf that covered about half of her face.
  8. Little Sahar drank a can of Coca-Cola, then wrapped herself in her mother's sheer green scarf and danced.
  9. In the 2014 parade, a new Pikachu balloon was wearing a green scarf and holding a smaller Pikachu snowman.
  10. He began conducting class exercises with Sebastien, a teddy bear in a red and green scarf with white fur balls.
  11. She wore a green scarf on stage top show Australian officials they had made the final voting round against Beijing.
  12. The child rested on her back on a dirty bed, looking trance-like at the ceiling and biting a green scarf.
  13. Chicken George is a philanderer known for expensive taste and alcohol, as much as for his iconic bowler hat and green scarf.
  14. Six-year-old Humeira chews on her light green scarf and twirls to show off her bright red floral dress, a gift from her father.
  15. "I was an announcer for children's programs before the Taliban, " said Shekeba, her black hair partially covered with a forest green scarf.
  16. She was wearing jeans, a beige sweater and green scarf, and when the sunlight hit her face, she looked almost like a teen-ager.
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