green scare in a sentence

  1. In 2008, long-time contributor Marie Mason was arrested as part of what some call the Green Scare.
  2. The "'Green Scare "'is legal action by the US government against the radical environmental movement.
  3. He has become a leading critic of the " Green Scare ", through his website, GreenIsTheNewRed . com.
  4. These arrests took place as part of the Federal Bureau of Investigation's Operation Backfire, referred to in the activist community as part of an ongoing trend known as the Green Scare.
  5. I added the link to the NAALPO version, which is the same, and its clear that NAALPO, green scare and their support groups have confirmed that the images are public domain.
  6. It's difficult to find green scare in a sentence.
  7. Supporters claim that this case represents a form of political persecution, as part of the Green Scare phenomenon, when an overlong sentence is given to an individual who committed crimes against property.
  8. Tucker received some attention in the media after being subpoenaed to a Grand Jury, as a part of the Green Scare round up of Earth Liberation Front ( ELF ) and Animal Liberation Front ( ALF ) activists; a move Tucker called " harassment ".
  9. It currently features a variety of prisoners, from various anonymous leaderless resistance movements and established groups such as; the Earth Liberation Front ( including the Green Scare prisoners ), Animal Liberation Front ( ALF ), MOVE, SHAC 7, Antifa, Lecce Five and the SNGP campaigners.
  10. With the U . S . conservative think tanks, which had been organised in the 1970s as an intellectual counter-movement to socialism, turned from the " red scare " to the " green scare " which they saw as a threat to their aims of private property, free trade market economies and global capitalism.

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