green scar in a sentence

  1. Later he and the Avengers are quickly defeated by the Hulk and his Warbound allies, whereby Doc Samson and his fallen teammates are'enslaved'by obedience discs ( the very same technology used to control the Hulk / Green Scar and other Gladiators on Sakaar ).
  2. He can emit light, which can be used for a pacifying effect, and possesses powers of tremendous energy projection, from both his hands and eyes, capable of harming even the Hulk ( in his Green Scar incarnation ), who has withstood the equivalent of solar flares unharmed,
  3. The demonic entity Zarathos, which is the current source of Ghost Rider's power, has been described by Doctor Strange ( the Sorcerer Supreme of Earth, whom the Rider overpowered once in direct combat ) to possess sufficient mystical power to challenge the Green Scar incarnation of the Hulk, as shown in World War Hulk.
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