green scale in a sentence

  1. Their bodies are black, but covered in rich green scales.
  2. There are irregular patches of glossy, yellowish green scales behind the costa.
  3. Other parts of the interfascia are greyish with brownish spots and green scaling.
  4. The hindwings are black fuscous, with pale green scales along the inner margin.
  5. The arapaima is torpedo-shaped with large blackish-green scales and red markings.
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  7. The green scales were made of grass, representing the Jal, Vayu, and Agni.
  8. The relatively small reniform spot and round orbicular spot are filled with peripheral whitish and central green scales.
  9. Noticeable horizontal green lines occur on their faces and their blueish-green scales give them a sparkling appearance.
  10. The iridescent green scaling on the wings of the Kaiser-i-Hind are the subject of much research.
  11. The ground colour black has metallic golden-green scales which are scattered over the basal third of the wing.
  12. The ground colour of the forewings is a mottled mixture of whitish green, lime green and dark moss green scales.
  13. The ground colour of the forewings is dirty dark brown, with an infusion of glossy, light yellowish green scales.
  14. In sizing up a prospective house, more and more homebuyers are asking themselves how the property rates on the green scale.
  15. The upperside hindwing has a scalloped outer edge and a long, spatulate tail which may bear green scaling over the tips.
  16. The forewings are chestnut-brown with black scales, but pale whitish green scales in the basal third and subterminal area.
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