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  1. Most constructions from this time are of pink or green sandstone.
  2. It is built of green sandstone, limestone and red brick, and is colourwashed.
  3. Enclosure and retaining walls are made from locally quarried green sandstone.
  4. Green sandstone and red shale occur along the creek.
  5. The Anglican parish church of St James is built of the local Spilsby green sandstone.
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  7. The red and green sandstone remain covered by alluvium ( Richmond and others, 2002 ).
  8. Locally the White Jurassic is overlain with a large stratigraphic hiatus of the Regensburg Green Sandstone ( Cenomanian ).
  9. The tower has a Gothic portal while the nave has Romanesque portals, decorated with alternating red limestone and grey-green sandstone.
  10. Gray and green sandstone available locally in the region are the main source of material used to carve the stone sculptures.
  11. The Tower is made of Muschelkalk limestone while the lion sculpture, the front gate, the balustrade, and cupola consist of green sandstone.
  12. The architrave, doorposts, podium and pillars were made of green sandstone, frieze of white limestone while the figural capitals were made of marble.
  13. Externally the west front is Romanesque with a gabled ( or double sloped ) roof, built in 1500 in green sandstone from Roseto.
  14. Part of the church was rebuilt in 1866 due to the porous nature of the green sandstone that had deteriorated over two hundred years.
  15. The Richards Mausoleum, made of green sandstone, is described as " probably the example of Egyptian Revival architecture to be found in the state ".
  16. It had a four-centred, local green sandstone ogee arch, pointed and chamfered arch tower, parapet corbelling of the roofs, and an " impressive perpendicular chimneypiece ".
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