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  1. Birds include kingfisher, snipe, green sandpiper, shoveler, gadwall and tufted duck.
  2. The pools and mud provide a habitat for birds such as the green sandpiper and common snipe.
  3. He was often rewarded by the sight of a green sandpiper in a flooded trench or a great grey shrike on the battlefield
  4. A wide variety of migratory waders visit, including northern lapwing, common snipe, wood sandpiper, green sandpiper, spotted redshank and whimbrel.
  5. A variety of waders pass through, with ringed plover and little ringed plover, oystercatcher and common sandpiper and green sandpipers being among the more likely.
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  7. A lake has formed in the bottom of the quarry, attracting birds including green sandpiper, jack snipe, little grebe and common pochard to overwinter there.
  8. Equally, passage waders such as the greenshank and green sandpiper, as well as the uncommon little ringed plover, are regular breeding species on the site.
  9. The green sandpiper is one of the species to which the " Agreement on the Conservation of African-Eurasian Migratory Waterbirds " ( AEWA ) applies.
  10. Birds are various : common goldeneyes, mallards, gadwalls, northern pintails, anas, ruddy shelducks, charadrii, northern lapwings, common sandpipers, green sandpipers.
  11. Changing water levels occasionally expose the reservoir banks, which become a popular feeding ground for small wading birds, including common sandpipers, green sandpipers and little ringed plovers.
  12. The green sandpiper ( " Tringa ochropus " ) and the common gull ( " Larus canus " ) are typical freshwater birds in the river habitat.
  13. Green sandpiper is very much a bird of freshwater, and is often found in sites too restricted for other waders, which tend to like a clear all-round view.
  14. Other winter birds include lapwings, golden plovers and dunlins, while there are spring migrants such as green sandpipers and spotted redshanks, and breeding birds such as skylarks and meadow pipits.
  15. The green sandpiper represents an ancient lineage of the genus " Tringa "; its only close living relative is the solitary sandpiper ( " T . solitaria " ).
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