green sand in a sentence

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  1. The tree house was built from donation made by Green Sands.
  2. They hover on every hole, filling in divots with green sand.
  3. These include the Dry Sand Foundry, the Green Sand Foundry and 101 Water Lane.
  4. Have the green sands of the hourglass turned the last page of this fantasy?
  5. But the green sand kept sliding into the cherry bowl.
  6. It's difficult to find green sand in a sentence.
  7. ;Virn : A strange planet covered in a desert of " living " green sand.
  8. He patented the use of foam patterns embedded in traditional green sand for metal casting.
  9. Only three places on earth have green sand; recently a supply has been found in Brazil.
  10. Green sand can be reused after adjusting its composition to replenish the lost moisture and additives.
  11. Not all Green sand is green in color.
  12. The plant is associated with green sands colonized with nitrogen fixing blue-green algae, particularly in Alberta.
  13. Some sands, such as rare black and green sands in Hawaii, may not be collected due to their scarcity.
  14. The un-bonded sand of lost foam casting can be much simpler to maintain than green sand and resin bonded sand systems.
  15. Sand castings made from coarse green sand impart a rough texture to the surface, and this makes them easy to identify.
  16. The centrifugal casting process was added in the late 1990s as a complement to the green sand mold processes already in place.
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