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  1. In the uranium refining industry it is known as "'green salt " '.
  2. Soluble analogues of Magnus'green salt can be prepared by replacing the ammonia with ethylhexylamine.
  3. Occasionally, one would flap off, an exotic vision slowly flying into the green salt marsh beyond.
  4. He looks for places where the green salt cedar slopes down along the shore and meets the water.
  5. He also testified that retirees often told him of wiping " green salt " off the lunch tables in two buildings.
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  7. One of the research projects addressed in the IAEA report is the Iranian Green Salt Project, apparently managed by KM Company.
  8. The Winlo process was developed for the low-cost chemical conversion of relatively pure uranium concentrates to green salt by a hydrometallurgical process.
  9. In a lagoon sheltering mud flats and tidal channels at the end of the beach, great egrets stalked amid shoots of green salt-marsh grass.
  10. The project performed a flowsheet of bench scale conversion of uranium oxide ( UO2 ) into 1 ton of UF4 per year, also known as Green Salt.
  11. Instead of looking skyward, three scientists buzzed across the sheltered waters in rented skiffs, stopping occasionally to sink a slender metal probe into jigsaw islets of green salt marsh.
  12. The uranium tetrafluoride, known as green salt because of its characteristic color, was supplied by Mallinckrodt, DuPont and Harshaw Chemical, and was ground up on arrival, as was the magnesium.
  13. Workers used to wipe " green salt " off the plant lunch tables, fully aware it was a radioactive byproduct of the plant's main task-- enriching uranium for use as fuel in nuclear reactors.
  14. This material, known as Magnus'green salt, is a semiconducting coordination polymer consisting of chains of alternating [ PtCl 4 ] 2 " and [ Pt ( NH 3 ) 4 ] 2 + centres.
  15. Addition of ammonia gives initially " PtCl 2 ( NH 3 ) 2 ", but this material is in fact Magnus's green salt, [ PtCl 4 ] [ Pt ( NH 3 ) 4 ].
  16. ISLE DE JEAN CHARLES, Louisiana ( AP ) _ At the end of the road to Isle de Jean Charles, Louisiana, a patchwork of dusty green salt grass and sparkling blue water extends untouched to the horizon.
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