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  1. The Edge of Appalachia Preserve is also home to the rare green salamander and Allegheny woodrat.
  2. Often a grey or green salamander is depicted on a black or grey helmet above the coat of arms.
  3. It incorporated three colours in its design of a green salamander going through fire : red, yellow and green.
  4. The park permits fishing with artificial lures for black bear, peregrine falcon, and the federally endangered green salamander.
  5. Tristan Clark has confirmed several distinct populations of green salamanders on Bays Mountain and one unusually large population from a remote area of the mountain . ( Clark, 2015)
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  7. Rarely seen in the field, the green salamander is an extremely habitat-specific species that is seldom found away from its preferred surroundings : moist, shaded rock crevices.

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