green salad in a sentence

"green salad" meaning  "green salad" in Chinese  
  1. A simple rice pilaf and green salad would complete the plate nicely.
  2. These flavorful skewers may be served with a green salad or rice.
  3. The United States popularized mixed greens salads in the late 19th century.
  4. Accompanied by a simple green salad, it makes an excellent vegetarian entree.
  5. The participants, who had hoped for green salad, merely nibbled the cornichons.
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  7. Serve straight from paella pan or casserole, accompanied by a green salad.
  8. We've come a long way since a green salad meant just lettuce.
  9. It was the most painstakingly prepared green salad we had ever eaten.
  10. A huge green salad and a strawberry Bavarian cream finish it off.
  11. These make a fine, light meal, accompanied with a green salad.
  12. This is very good served with noodles and a green salad.
  13. Crusty bread, a green salad and cherry crumb squares round out the meal.
  14. To serve, cut into wedges and serve with a green salad.
  15. Round out the meal with a green salad and ice cream for dessert
  16. They have a green salad and they are thin and beautiful.
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