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  1. The mineralogical form of green rust is a recently discovered fougerite.
  2. Type 2 green rust is exemplified by the sulfate variety.
  3. The production of green rust is reduced as temperature increases.
  4. They seemed like two weary Texans driving a little green rust-bucket.
  5. Green rust was first recognized as a corrosion crust on iron and steel surfaces.
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  7. Rebar used in underwater concrete pillars, which generates green rust, is an example.
  8. Some variety of green rust is stabilized also by an atmosphere with high partial pressure.
  9. The live bacteria were shown to be necessary for the formation of the green rust.
  10. In the green rust, some cations get oxidized to ( iron ( III ), ferric ).
  11. There are two basic structures of green rust, " type 1 " and " type 2 ".
  12. Sulfate green rust has been shown to reduce nitrate and nitrite in solution to ammonium, with concurrent oxidation of to.
  13. In this process, the formate was oxidized to bicarbonate which provided the carbonate anions for the formation of the green rust.
  14. All forms of green rust ( including fougerite ) are more complex and variable than the ideal iron ( II ) hydroxide compound.
  15. In oxidizing environment, green rust generally turns into oxyhydroxides, namely ?-( goethite ) and ?-( lepidocrocite ).
  16. Suspensions of carbonate green rust and orange ?-in water will react over a few days produce a black precipitate of magnetite.
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