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"green revolution" meaning  "green revolution" in Chinese  
  1. This green revolution was accompanied by an expanded use of chemical inputs.
  2. Vandana Shiva notes that this is the " second Green Revolution ".
  3. :American agricultural success started long before the green revolution or factory farming.
  4. The effect, she said, was like " a prehistoric Green Revolution ."
  5. Is the green revolution ending and a new era of famine beginning?
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  7. We underestimated the speed with which farmers would adopt the green revolution.
  8. Strampelli's work laid the foundations for Norman Borlaug and the Green Revolution.
  9. The Green Revolution was possible due to adequate water supply through irrigation.
  10. The green revolution, he added, " was very much top down ."
  11. As someone mentioned, in Iran, the nickname is " Green Revolution ".
  12. It played a unique role in ushering in the Green Revolution in India.
  13. The impact of Green Revolution is clearly visible in Haryana also.
  14. The green revolution was just starting to bloom in the world's farm fields.
  15. CGIAR has responded, at least in part, to criticisms of Green Revolution methodologies.
  16. For example, the short straw wheat and rice varieties of the Green Revolution.
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