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  1. Highways turned from pavement to gravel, or just ran out.
  2. Rains now often render this long gravel stretch impassable for weeks.
  3. A prayer leader hikes along the gravel path skirting the campsites.
  4. Outside the city, you depend on gravel roads and dirt.
  5. There's a gravel truck out there waiting for you.
  6. It's difficult to find gravel in a sentence.
  7. Have the bricks, sand and gravel delivered to your site.
  8. I walk along the garlic driveway instead of the gravel driveway.
  9. It is not large, just a few winding gravel roads.
  10. Rocks, gravel, mud, bumps, ruts, holes.
  11. But to put gravel on top of the footings mystifies me.
  12. Clearly, the sediment housed more than bit-chewing gravel.
  13. The " Loose Gravel " sign got our attention.
  14. Underneath the steel is a foot of gravel over packed sand.
  15. But not the gravel-voiced act of the latter years.
  16. When dirt washes into the river, it covers gravel bars.
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