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  1. It lies between Gravedona ( Lombardy ) and Roveredo ( Graub黱den ).
  2. Gravedona ed Uniti borders the following municipalities : Colico, Domaso, San Vittore.
  3. Bellagio participated with its fleet as an ally of Milan, Isola Comacina and Gravedona.
  4. The town of Gravedona has a small harbour and overlooks Lake Como and the eastern shoreline.
  5. A manse, consisting of the hill of Olgiasca in 1241 was leased from the church of St . Vincent by Gravedona to Piona Abbey.
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  7. Consiglio di Rumo bordered the municipalities of Colico, Dongo, Dosso del Liro, Garzeno, Germasino, Gravedona, Stazzona and, in Switzerland, Roveredo.
  8. The municipality of Gravedona ed Uniti contains the " Lombardy Region, the annexed former municipalities of Consiglio di Rumo and Germasino, included on May 16, 2011.
  9. He has been invited to give concerts in France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Lithuania, Romania, Russia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Ukraine, and in the United States in prestigious halls such as the Great Hall of the Henry Crown Symphony Hall in Jerusalem, the Salle Cortot and the Grand UNESCO Hall in Paris, the Great Philharmonic Hall of Ljubljana & and also in many festivals ( Festspiele Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, International Colmar Festival, International Dinard Festival,  Les Notes Blanches in Courchevel,  Randonn閑s musicales en G鈚inais, " Rencontres Musicales de la Verrerie ", Festival of the Ch鈚eau de Lourmarin, " Claviers en Poitou ", International Chioggia Festival, " Estate Regina " in Montecatini Terme, " Pianomaster " in Gravedona & ).

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