gravediggers in a sentence

"gravediggers" in Chinese  
  1. He learned the basics during his first job as a gravedigger.
  2. Amleto and Orazio enter and banter with one of the gravediggers.
  3. Tyson Sykes the second Gravedigger debuted in " Joe Bennett.
  4. A second former gravedigger, Theodore Kozloswki, offered one possible motive.
  5. Five gravediggers from London were scheduled to started digging here Friday morning.
  6. It's difficult to find gravediggers in a sentence.
  7. And in this, French critics are playing the role of gravediggers.
  8. In Shakespeare's time, they were called gravediggers.
  9. Blythe isn't quite earthy enough to be a convincing gravedigger.
  10. Gravedigger John Barron lived here alone for almost 20 years.
  11. Two gravediggers joined Matic in the knee-deep hole.
  12. The gravediggers were finishing some bread and cold pork on a bench.
  13. When gravediggers find bones, Gates stops the work immediately.
  14. Allmon was playing the role of a gravedigger on the hayride route.
  15. Maslakh's gravediggers struggle to keep up with demand.
  16. Male Rock Vocal Performance : " Gravedigger,"
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