gravedigger jones in a sentence

  1. Gravedigger Jones kills Coffin Ed Johnson in a dramatic final scene, before being killed himself by Tomsson Black.
  2. Gravedigger Jones is one of two black detectives featured in the " Harlem cycle " of novels by Chester Himes.
  3. Himes also wrote a series of Harlem Detective novels featuring Coffin Ed Johnson and Gravedigger Jones, New York City police detectives in Harlem.
  4. However, Coffin Ed Johnson & Gravedigger Jones discover that Joe's plan doesn't seem to be exactly what he claimed it was.
  5. Two Harlem detectives, Gravedigger Jones ( Godfrey Cambridge ) and " Coffin " Ed Johnson ( Raymond St . Jacques ) chase the car and a bale of cotton falls out of the vehicle.
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  7. Their protagonists are two black NYPD detectives ( whose origins can be traced to a short story Himes published ( 1933 ) in " Abbott's Monthly Magazine " )  Gravedigger Jones and Coffin Ed Johnson  whose names suggest the nature of their police methods and reputation.

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