gravediggaz in a sentence

  1. He has also remixed songs for both Gravediggaz and The Pharcyde.
  2. Almost viewing the Gravediggaz group-project as a vehicle to do just that.
  3. In 2010, Gravediggaz recorded a new song, " 2 More Cups of Blood ".
  4. Game testing was provided by former Gravediggaz member and golf aficionado, Vince'Bonecrusher'Santos
  5. Around 2000, Gravediggaz recruited DJ Diamond J . Poetic died of colon cancer in July 2001.
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  7. He created work under his original name as well as continuing work on the third Gravediggaz album.
  8. The Gravediggaz use creaking doors and howling wolves as rhythm tracks and often rap in a cartoonish, exaggerated style.
  9. The Canadian version was released on 15 April 1997 through the hip hop supergroup The Gravediggaz on " Afrodiziak ".
  10. The Gravediggaz'raps leap from Afrocentric history to mystical mumbo jumbo, from apocalyptic technobabble to an elegy for a girlfriend.
  11. The term " horrorcore " was popularized by openly horror-influenced hip hop groups such as Flatlinerz and Gravediggaz.
  12. Gravediggaz did not originate the term  horrorcore; however, they did become one of the most successful of the genre.
  13. It features songs from his time working with Stetsasonic, De La Soul, Gravediggaz, Resident Alien, and Biz Markie.
  14. But Busta Rhymes and the Gravediggaz choose density and multiplicity, with stray voices, odd noises and off-the-wall asides.
  15. Second albums from Gravediggaz and Killarmy, as well as a greatest hits album and a b-sides compilation also eventually saw release.
  16. E-Sharp and Big Winst ( Gravediggaz ) had both attended Five Towns College together to pursue careers as audio engineering and production.
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