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  1. Removing the rights would seem like a petty slap in the face, like gravedancing, and as they're blocked, it provides no actual benefit.
  2. When you are falsely accused of gravedancing, the best thing to do is ignore it and let the userpage remain in the other editor's preferred version.
  3. Frequently, the editors who remove the templates or revert the blanking of the userpage accuse the editor placing the templates or removing the extraneous user page of " gravedancing ".
  4. Their single " Was Love " was written for and played in the first season episode " Gravedancing " on the Syfy series " Caprica ", as well as the remix of Maxfemm's " Weak Condition"
  5. :While the edit summary should probably be revdelled and LB was unwise to do so ( WP : TROUT ), especially while already under sanction . the WP : BAIT and gravedancing that she was responding to are mitigating to some degree . talk ) 17 : 25, 4 December 2014 ( UTC)
  6. It's difficult to find gravedancing in a sentence.
  7. Gamergate editors shouldn't be gravedancing over Ryulong's past edits, but Ryulong's friends should not be picking up their watchlist and preventing any changes whatsoever to those articles, and admins shouldn't be indef blocking editors for the audacity to contribute .-talk ) 18 : 55, 30 January 2015 ( UTC)
  8. A mere week later, history is now repeating itself and he has now taken to not only harassing me on my talk page, but edit warring over it [ http : / / en . wikipedia . org / w / index . php ? title = User _ talk : Magog _ the _ Ogre & action = history, then harassing via gravedancing of Fae, an editor he had a dispute with, and edit warring over " that " addition.

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