gravedale high in a sentence

  1. He has also played various characters on animated series " Gravedale High ".
  2. Richard Kozinski has scored or co-scored almost 30 motion pictures and 300 aired network television episodes including episodes of Mad About You, Gravedale High and Teen Wolf.
  3. The existence of a charitable organization known as the United Monster Fund ( dedicated to helping schools like Gravedale High " around the world " ) indicates Gravedale is part of an entire monster subculture.
  4. *Note : From Nov 24-Dec 29, Gravedale High and Super Mario Bros 3 swapped time slots; also on ABC starting on Jan 6, the ABC Weekend Special replaced A Pup Named Scooby-Doo in its 12 : 30 timeslot.
  5. Belafonte also provided the voice of Lup? the leader of the Wolf Pack, in " Sonic the Hedgehog ", Gerald's mother, Mrs . Johanssen, in four episodes of " Hey Arnold ! ", Diana Cruz in an episode of " The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest ", and the undead Southern belle zombie Blanche in " Gravedale High ".
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  7. Booke had stopped appearing physically in acting roles, but he continued to perform voice work on several television shows and movies, occasionally as narrator, and sometimes as a cartoon character's voice, in such movies as " Scooby-Doo Meets the Boo Brothers " ( 1987 TV movie ), " Gravedale High " ( 1990 television series ), and " Rock-A-Doodle " ( 1991 ).
  8. By the 1990s, with cartoons, such as " Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventures ", " Gravedale High ", " Fish Police ", " SWAT Kats : The Radical Squadron " and " Johnny Bravo " as well as the 1994 special " Arabian Nights ", the sound effects were virtually nonexistent, being replaced with newer, digitally recorded sounds ( mostly from Sound Ideas ), along with the Looney Tunes sound library by Treg Brown.

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