graved in a sentence

"graved" in Chinese  
  1. Looks like Don Shula will go to his grave a Dolphin.
  2. "This is John F . Kennedy's grave.
  3. Such a man goes down to his grave with a shout.
  4. It felt like walking through someone's grave ."
  5. Slopes where they used to go sledding are covered in graves.
  6. It's difficult to find graved in a sentence.
  7. During the activities, workers discovered graves of early white pioneers.
  8. Polls before the August primary found Slattery and Graves close together.
  9. Graves will show up unexpectedly to meet with lawmakers and others.
  10. Many of Graves'promises fit nicely with the conservative agenda.
  11. No effort was made to refill the grave, police said.
  12. Hockey would take a grave risk and be brought to earth,
  13. What occurred here was a grave, grave and harmful act,
  14. What occurred here was a grave, grave and harmful act,
  15. Row after row of unmarked graves will leave you with chills.
  16. Larmer has one on 13 shots and Graves one on 17.
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