grave yard in a sentence

"grave yard" in Chinese  
  1. The grave yard which surrounds the church has been filled for centuries.
  2. The cemetery continues to be used as the Clapperton family grave yard.
  3. The adjacent grave yard chapel was probably constructed during the 17th century.
  4. He is buried in his ancestral grave yard at Aqba, Saidu Sharif
  5. Pontymister steel works was famous for being the grave yard for steam trains.
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  7. A Muslim grave yard & a Mosque is situated next to the Dargah.
  8. He is buried at Shahi grave yard situated at Sirhandi gate.
  9. Both were buried in Old Grave Yard, East Bridgewater, Section B.
  10. Part of the grave yard of the church still remains.
  11. OK I'm asking permission in writing to be placed in a military grave yard.
  12. He is buried in the grave yard of the Falls Church ( Anglican ).
  13. Earlier Caliph Uthman ibn Affan was buried in the huge neighbouring Jewish grave yard.
  14. His tomb is located in Shahi grave yard situated at Sirhandi gate, Maler Kotla.
  15. These grounds include a church and family grave yard.
  16. There are homes and businesses, 11 grave yards, 9 churches, and many hiking trails and artisan shops.
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