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  1. Many grave surrounds and concrete slabs are clad in ceramic tiles.
  2. Grave surrounds include iron fencing or lacework but are predominantly concrete.
  3. Monuments and grave surrounds in the protestant sections are generally painted white.
  4. These have concrete grave surrounds with artillery shells standing at each corner.
  5. There are a number of marble headstones, one of which has a metal grave surround.
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  7. Most have concrete grave surrounds, and many also have metal railings embedded in the concrete.
  8. Nearly all the headstones and grave surrounds [ including two cast-iron surrounds ] have been damaged.
  9. Some of the earlier graves have iron railing grave surrounds, or evidence of where this was used.
  10. In many cases, grave surrounds are an integral part of the headstone design in creating a piece of sculpture.
  11. This has a stone sarcophagus with two inscriptions, and an iron grave surround ( not original ) with concrete corner posts.
  12. A small metal nameplate has the name Melrose and Fenwick Ltd, who may have been responsible for the construction of the headstones or grave surrounds.
  13. Monuments in the mid to late twentieth century sections tend to be more modest, with mainly upright slabs with concrete grave surrounds or slab and desk monuments.
  14. From the late 19th century until 1984, Melrose and Fenwick produced both headstones and wrought iron grave surrounds; Whebells, operating from the late 19th century to the 1950s, made headstones.
  15. The place has aesthetic value in its prominent skyline profile and in the rusticity of the few surviving grave sites, which contain several headstones and memorials, and grave surrounds in concrete and iron.
  16. The cemetery was neglected during the 1960s and by the 1970s the earlier graves were overgrown with grasses, weeds and trees, and many headstones and grave surrounds had been vandalised or allowed to deteriorate.
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