grave stone in a sentence

  1. In total, there are eight grave stones with plain inscriptions.
  2. The remaining grave stones were re-erected after the war.
  3. Near the Antwerp Cathedral a fictional grave stone can be seen.
  4. This epitaph and her grave stone have been preserved very well.
  5. Last year, vandals destroyed four grave stones in the same cemetery.
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  7. In 1951, a granite block was unveiled as the grave stone.
  8. In total, 51 graves stones can be found here.
  9. Short had purchased a grave stone shortly before his death.
  10. The word " Muslim " has been erased from his grave stone.
  11. The grave stone dust was reputed to cure all ills.
  12. His grave stone was carved by his friend Hew Lorimer.
  13. To demand the Jordanians stop vandalizing Jewish grave stones?
  14. Her grave is marked with a restitution grave stone.
  15. She is memorialised on her parents grave stone in Dean Cemetery in Edinburgh.
  16. The epitaph on his grave stone was written by his friend Walter Savage Landor.
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