grave stele in a sentence

  1. "It's like a grave stele on steroids ."
  2. Most burials are marked by grave steles, whereby the desired homogeneity of appearance is attained.
  3. It resembles a grave stele, and the picture suggests a coffin, more than a bed.
  4. Many statues and statuettes, friezes, columns, grave steles and epitaphs have been found during excavations.
  5. A marble grave stele of a little girl shows the chubby child clutching her two pet doves, as if saying farewell.
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  7. Another interesting exhibit in the museum is a grave stele with images marked on both its faces, made from Thacian marble.
  8. Hanging on the wall was a marble grave stele from Greece, fourth century B . C ., of a young girl.
  9. This allowed archaeologists to identify the depiction of a fasces on the grave stele of Avele Feluske, who is shown as a warrior wielding the fasces.
  10. He is offering a fifth-century B . C . Greek marble grave stele for $ 650, 000 that depicts a man walking with a staff.
  11. The same is true of the funerary sculpture, the marble grave steles that do so much to reinforce our sense of the primacy of the human figure.
  12. The chairs were designed by T . H . Robsjohn Gibbings, who took measured drawings of relief carvings of ancient Greeks seated in such chairs on memorial monuments known as grave stele.
  13. Completing the group are two 4th and 5th century B . C . grave steles depicting women holding similar figurines " to show that primarily these types of figurines were among these girls'toys,"
  14. Stone was only used a little, mostly in the so-called " deer stele, " probably anthropomorphic grave stele, which were decorated with deer and are found in south Siberia, Transbaikalia and Mongolia.
  15. The old cemetery in Athens is full of classical marble grave steles, circa 500 B . C ., with the faithful dog, the widow and the children carved in bas-relief, mourning their loss.
  16. This refers to the grave stele of C . Vibius Quartus, a Roman officer from the Roman colony of Philippi who was buried in the cemetery which lies beside the Via Egnatia which passes the foot of the tell.
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