grave space in a sentence

  1. Grave space in San Francisco National Cemetery then grew increasingly limited.
  2. The family cemetery Lot is broken up in 5 grave spaces.
  3. It is estimated there are over 10, 000 usable grave spaces remaining in the cemetery.
  4. -- Cost of a grave space ranges from $ 150 to more than $ 1, 900
  5. Cemetery charges such as grave space, interment and marker increase the total by several thousand dollars.
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  7. He was buried at Durrington Cemetery in Worthing, Section 15, Row 5, Grave Space 46.
  8. There will be a deed of grant if a grave space has been paid for in a cemetery.
  9. By the late 1980s the cemetery was running out of space and it was decided to stop selling new grave spaces.
  10. In this most crowded of European nations, grave space is at a premium, so about half of all those who die are cremated.
  11. Those plots and niches are now available for purchase by the general public, marking the first sale of grave spaces in the Cemetery since about 1900.
  12. As of 2009 Grandview consisted of approximately development, 34, 000 grave spaces, 70 crypts, 336 niches, and over 22, 000 burials.
  13. Robert Coates, executive director of the Institute of Burial and Cremation Administration, says Britain's growing multicultural profile helps sustain the demand for grave space.
  14. While there are no new grave spaces available, there is an area for cremated remains to the north of the cemetery, by the Fortune Green Road exit.
  15. It was opened in 1883 and remains in use today, run by the Cemeteries and Crematorium Division of the City and County of Swansea and has 14, 162 grave spaces.
  16. As a burial place Aylesbury Churchyard was much overcrowded; and it was with difficulty that grave space could be found for an interment without disturbing the remains of an already existing occupant.
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