grave situation in a sentence

"grave situation" in Chinese  
  1. This grave situation in English rugby cannot be allowed to continue.
  2. "It's a very grave situation,"
  3. It is a grave situation the chancellor should have addressed.
  4. "We're in a very grave situation,"
  5. We are in a very grave situation which demands a wise reaction.
  6. It's difficult to find grave situation in a sentence.
  7. "It's a grave situation ."
  8. You have led the state into a grave situation,
  9. As a result we have an extremely grave situation.
  10. "We're in a grave situation.
  11. Have we actually faced up to this grave situation?
  12. This is indeed a very serious and grave situation,
  13. "It's a very serious situation, a very grave situation.
  14. It would be a grave situation for Brazil.
  15. This is a grave situation for the coalition,
  16. Such decisions may in rare cases result in grave situations such as accidental death.
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