grave site in a sentence

  1. Earlier this year she arranged to purchase a grave site there.
  2. But Joulwan ruled out having his troops guard the grave sites.
  3. Not far away are the grave sites of Tunstall and McSween.
  4. The man suddenly falls to his knees before a grave site.
  5. Visiting the grave sites, he said, is too painful.
  6. It's difficult to find grave site in a sentence.
  7. They will never have closure, only an unfilled grave site.
  8. But building work at the apparent mass grave site was halted.
  9. The survivors'accounts have helped investigators locate possible grave sites.
  10. They are not planning any exhumations of suspected mass grave sites.
  11. Two main grave sites containing skeletons have been found at Mycenae.
  12. Xhevded Ahmeti told the crowd gathered near the grave site Monday.
  13. The dedication followed similar ceremonies at the two other grave sites.
  14. The grave site is one of archaeology's enduring mysteries.
  15. He said American forensic investigators were going to the grave sites.
  16. Near the grave site, Simoun digs for his buried treasures.
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