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  1. Harris claims to be on to Lynch's grave robbing.
  2. Digging them up just seems macabre, sort of like grave robbing.
  3. The only person convicted was a tavern keeper charged with grave robbing.
  4. "Grave robbing, " he sighed.
  5. Grave robbing is still problematic in 21st century China.
  6. It's difficult to find grave robbing in a sentence.
  7. Security was reinforced and the grave robbing stopped.
  8. You're not grave robbing ."
  9. Critics call the wave a deplorable mix of greed, hucksterism and grave robbing.
  10. Using private grief as entertainment is a modern-day form of grave robbing,
  11. Everyone assured us this was not grave robbing.
  12. The court plans to carry out a special fight against grave robbing this year.
  13. There are many examples of grave robbing in the Ancient World outside of Egypt.
  14. Lack of relics found in excavated tombs was most probably due to grave robbing.
  15. While most states prohibit grave robbing, they do not specifically protect Indian burial sites.
  16. Newspapers reported the grave robbing and the news spread throughout China and around the world.
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