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  1. Nine other teams, including the Clippers, also contacted Grant.
  2. No government grants, no going hat in hand to bureaucrats.
  3. Paul Brown, whom Grant described as his greatest coaching influence.
  4. And that's when freshman safety Grant Pearsall popped him.
  5. She helped several elderly residents get grants to renovate their homes.
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  7. Neither requirement can be enforced unless Congress grants exemptions from Erisa.
  8. Wednesday, Time Warner also announced a $ 5 million grant.
  9. Can digital products ever grant such a vast and reliable legacy?
  10. Grant Kvalheim, a managing director of Merrill Lynch, said.
  11. Grant Gondrezick, another Lucas Center alum, is trying out.
  12. He needs to just become Grant Hill and grow and mature.
  13. Grant mainly blushes through it all; MacPherson doesn't.
  14. The best addition, of course, will be Grant Hill.
  15. You have turned your back on Bob Grant-- --
  16. Now ( Glenn ) Robinson and Grant Hill and Jason Kidd.
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