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  1. The grantor of certificates of occupancy is the City Buildings Department.
  2. The rule does not apply to interests in the grantor himself.
  3. It then goes to the grantor, who personally signs it.
  4. Goods need not be for the use of the grantor.
  5. Genevieve Academy as grantors, and Firmin A . Rozier.
  6. It's difficult to find grantor in a sentence.
  7. When the grantor dies, the assets are automatically transferred to the beneficiaries.
  8. Once an aid recipient, it is now a grantor of foreign assistance.
  9. The rationale for this difference lies with the grantor.
  10. Some states also allow a grantor ( or seller ) to add warranties.
  11. The term " grantor trust " also has a special meaning in tax law.
  12. This is called the grantor-grantee index.
  13. She does not object to her grantor.
  14. After intermission, Horace Grantor Fox jumped in to help Bryant whenever Smith posted up.
  15. SPDR Gold Shares is a grantor trust.
  16. Furthermore, many governmental grantors have officers who are happy to provide guidance to applicants.
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